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Cool colors for winter 2010

Chic. Classic. Casual. These words explain the season’s top runway-to-your-closet colors.

Woman wearing cool colors

TFL’s Color Trends and Fashion Inspirations Catalog, which was created in association with designers Carmen Rimoldi and Sergio Belloni, breaks the autumn/winter 2009/10 color trends into three categories: Chic, Classic and Casual.


ChicClassicCasualThe Chic category is dominated by “cold tones” such as midnight blues, earth tones, deep pink and brown.

The Classic colors are “characterized by diluted color effects.” This category includes clean and earthy colors, such as brown and green tones mixed with gray and foggy shades.

The Casual category kicks things up by with the combination of “juicy orange tones, drunken scarlets and neutral nuances.”

Another take

The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) Trendshow revealed the season’s color trends as determined by French Trend agency Nelly Rodi. They have been broken down into four themes: Dandy Manifesto, Gold Diggers, Bewitchment and Techno-folk.

The colors featured in the Dandy Manifesto palette include a variety of dark, shady inky tones, and white and taupe or grayed shades punched up by touches of color to “electrify the palette.” This color trend is best displayed in fluid fabrics, heavily draped silks such as chiffon, lace and embroidered tulles.

The Gold Diggers trend is intended to be “a new take on the pioneer spirit. The good sense of the Shakers, the simplicity of the Amish, a pre-industrial world where gold diggers and hobos jumped trains in search of adventure. A rough, rebellious chic, not lacking in sensuality.” The color palette includes a range of neutrals that evoke dusty landscapes such as ocher, green, grayed blues and the colors of enamel. These colors play out best in little coats and square jackets, carpenter-style cropped pants, officer-style jackets and coats and tunics.

Bewitchment is inspired by the water that leaves its impact on everything it touches. This trend summons the movement and flow of water to create an illusion. The color palette includes tones inspired by raw gemstones such as baroque pearls, amethysts, and tinted quartz. Think long shearling or lambskin coats, soft, loose knits, and ultra-fluid dresses.

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