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Get beautiful from the inside out

When it comes to having an amazing, lustrous, age-defying appearance there is one tenet you abso-freaking-lutely need to live by:
Your skin is an external manifestation of your internal health.

Everlasting Beauty Can Be Yours

Yes, It Can! What makes my internal health stellar, you ask?

  • what you eat
  • how much you sleep
  • how often you poop
  • how much water you drink
  • how you manage your stress and emotions
  • how much exercise you get
  • how often you overindulge in alcohol or coffee
  • your level of self-confidence.

All of these factors combined 100%-totally-completely affect your outward appearance.

How to get everlasting beauty

So, if you want everlasting beauty, here’s 8 things you need to do:

Eat clean, organic, nutritious, unprocessed foods. Period. And, don’t forget to eat plenty
of anti-aging-anti-oxidant rich foods such as avocados, flax seeds (the seeds, not the oil!), blueberries, goji berries, olive oil and walnuts.

Poop once a day. No silly, not by drinking three cups of coffee, by eating a healthy diet filled
with fresh fruit and veggies and plenty of water. Take a probiotic supplement if you need to. My favorite brand is Culturelle.

Avoid refined sugars and white flours like the plague. These food products are processed and
offer your body zero nutrients. A body fed zero nutrients has poor internal health and therefore, poor skin complexion.

Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. These substances are toxic and make your insides toxic.
If your insides are toxic, your outsides look toxic.

Sleep seven to eight hours per night. Sleep is imperative to optimal body functioning. If you
don’t sleep enough you will definitely wrinkle up faster than you’re supposed to.

Express your emotions. Girl, get it out.  Repressed emotions can cause all sorts of issues.
And not to mention the stress you put your body through by holding on to these emotions will age you faster than you care to know, leaving you with worry lines and black circles under your

Have a stress busting daily routine. Whether it’s getting to the gym, pounding the pavement
or taking deeeeeeep yogic breaths. Just do it!

And, most importantly, look into the mirror each day, staring deep into your own eyes and tell
yourself, “I love you!” Say it with umph. Say it with pride. Say it over and over until you actually believe yourself. Confidence is the absolute key to everlasting beauty.

For more tips on ways to manage your health, decrease stress and age more gracefully, check out Chill Out & Get Healthy!

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