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Is plastic surgery right for you?

The strive for youth and aesthetic perfection pervades our appearance-conscious society. Almost every one of us looks into the mirror and finds some form of flaw in our appearance. Fortunately, with today’s modern medical advancements, there are ways to improve upon many of those flaws and feel more confident in ourselves. However, plastic surgery may not be for everyone.

Factors to Consider about plastic surgery


Patients with reasonable expectations are typically the best candidates for plastic surgery. Unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction with objectively successful surgical results.

You should expect an improvement in your appearance, not overnight perfection.


Your motivation in undergoing plastic surgery is vital and should be taken into account. There are good reasons for getting plastic surgery such as to look younger in order to attain/maintain a job where appearance is of importance.

Patients with unhealthy motivating factors such as gaining the affection of a loved one may want to postpone/avoid plastic surgery altogether as surgery is not the solution to an emotional problem.  You should undergo plastic surgery for yourself –- to boost your self-image and feel better about yourself.


Plastic surgery is elective surgery and therefore not covered by most health insurance plans. Therefore, you should expect to spend anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the procedure(s).


Surgical procedures require healing time which means time off from work, school or other engagements. You should take into account recovery time when deciding to undergo surgery.

Today more and more patients are turning to non-invasive cosmetic procedures for its instantaneous results with little or no downtime.

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures

Here are a few non-invasive cosmetic procedures that are steadily gaining popularity:

  • In contrast to your ‘garden variety’ surgical facelift, I invented what I calls the Y Lift which is a minimally invasive procedure that revives youth and enhances our natural features by accentuating the under eye area, cheekbone region and redefining the jaw line without the need for surgery – producing instantaneous results with practically no downtime.
  • An alternative to liposuction, a breakthrough technology called ZERONA utilizes cold laser to painlessly and non-invasively target fat storing cells, leading to its collapse which is then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Patients lose an average of two to five inches in an area. An average of six sessions (40 minutes each) is recommended in a period of two weeks for optimal results.
  • An innovative individualized skin rejuvenation technology called ematrix utilizes bipolar radio frequency to improve wrinkles, acne scars, tone, and textural irregularities with minimal downtime and is safe for all skin types.

Choosing a plastic Surgeon

It is highly recommended that prior to undergoing any form of procedure; you properly assess the surgeon’s qualifications and credentials. Also, it is advised that you meet with the surgeon to answer any questions and/or concerns about potential surgeries and discuss any medical conditions that you may have. It is important that you feel comfortable with the surgeon in discussing your desires, expectations, and motivations in making your final decision.

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