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Room arrangements for your personality

Making a house your home these days requires a lot more than simply hanging up a “The Jones” placard. One way to make your home truly reflect your personality: Forget the traditional definitions of the family room, kitchen and dining room.

Woman in Apartment

Personalizing your entire home is overwhelming. Instead, go room by room and make each space reflect your personality and unique style.

Open Up

If you are not one to be confined by structure and limits, why should your home? Consider an open floor plan devoid of or consisting of very few walls. This goes beyond a simple great-room-style home to redefine the traditional spaces in a home. Take the kitchen, for example. Instead of preparing food in one room and bringing it into another to dine, why not combine the two and invite guests to sit in an area where they can interact with you as you cook? If you have children, open up bedrooms to make one large area with lots of unique nooks withi–n designated spaces for sleep, play, quiet time and homework. Hang curtains from the ceiling to define a sleeping space for each child come naptime and bedtime.

Home a Deux

If your home is your personal romantic haven, ditch the dining table that seats six and instead opt for an intimate bistro table for two. Consider oversized floor pillows of various shapes, sizes and textures instead of a traditional sofa set in the family room or great room. The bedroom is of ultimate importance to you, and the focal point of this romantic retreat should be the bed. It should be the largest and most comfortable mattress you can afford, and you’ll need to splurge on some super-soft sheets, as well. Make sure the bathroom in this love nest has an ample tub that accommodates two, and keep it well stocked with bubble bath and massage oil, and don’t forget the bubbly!

Party Girl

If you are the hostess with the most-ess and your dinner parties usually evolve into dance parties, then allow your home to accommodate those wild nights. Clear the family room of the traditional coffee table setup that you’d have to move every time a party gets started. Party under the stars by making the outside very accessible via large picture or floor-to-ceiling windows or arcadia or French doors. Hang lots of twinkling lights on verandas, covered-patio overhangs, and bushes and trees. A surround-sound entertainment system is key for this dance hall, as are dimmer switches for turning the lights down low when the party gets in full swing.

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