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Take a “me-cation”: Retreats to rejuvenate and refresh

Need a little “me” time? We get it. Between work, the kids, family and friends, finding even a moment to relax and unwind is hard. Why not get away and really enjoy a well-deserved me-cation? Here are some fun ways to unwind and indulge yourself.

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Say Spahhhhhh

Whether it be an herbal mud wrap, a soothing facial or a relaxing massage, a spa treatment is among the best and most relaxing ways to treat yourself. Wherever you decide to go, make sure you sign
up for one of the spa’s signature treatments or ask about the facility’s most unique offerings. Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona, for example, offers more than 100 unique treatment options.


Many moms and career women admit that they put themselves last. With little time to work out and trips to drive-thru lines, the pounds quickly add up and your health takes a hit. Check out a detox
or weight loss retreat, such as the Nurturing Nest in Desert Hot Springs, California, to help kickstart a fresh start for your body, mind and spirit.

Retail Therapy

Even if you don’t leave town, spending the day shopping ’til you drop can do wonders for your spirit (and your closet!). Everyone likes to feel good about her appearance, and putting on just the
right outfit is a great feeling. For once, try not to look at the price tag — just go for it. (If it helps, plan ahead and save up a little before taking this trip, so you won’t feel
guilty.) The best part of this me-cation is that you’ll have the “souvenir” (i.e. your purchase!) from your trip to wear again and again. If you have the time and the means, really indulge in a
trip to some of the country’s retail meccas such as New York, LA and Miami.

Secret Service

If you’re thinking about getting a little nip/tuck, check into a facility that offers super-indulgent post-op pampering. Instead of suffering through the first painful hours and days of recovery on
your own, you can enjoy a private and indulgent stay at a facility such as The Original Recovery Retreat, which offers 24/7 staffing, post-procedural care, individually prepared meals and more.

Decadent Dish

For serious foodies, all it takes to re-energize their souls and satisfy their cravings is a fantastic meal. Across the country — and around the world — each city and town is home to some
delicious and unique dining establishments. Do your research before you head out on this dining-driven me-cation. Seek out chef-owned and locally operated restaurants, where the kitchen cranks out
fare that remains true to the region.

Spiritual Getaway

If you need to reconnect with your spiritual side, take a spirited me-cation. The WildSpring Guest Habitat along Oregon’s southern coast offers unique spiritual activities. Imagine participating in
a drumming circle, guided meditation, tai chi sessions, or a seven-circuit walking labyrinth along a grove of 100-foot trees.

Take a Hike

…Or go bike riding, jogging, kayaking or rock climbing. Getting outside is a great way to blow off steam, connect with nature and build some physical endurance. Check out the Hiking and Wellness
Retreat in Telluride, Colorado, where hiking is just the beginning of program offerings.

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