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Self-starters: Making your own way

Whatever goal you are hoping to achieve, being a self-starter will help you reach it that much faster — and on your own terms. Here we offer some tips on how to be a self-starter in your own right.

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Whether it’s finally getting organized or launching a new business, taking charge and being a self-starter gets you on the road to successfully achieving your goals, your way.

Know What You Want

Before you can achieve your goal, you have to define it. Think about what you want — what you really want. And be specific. It’s one thing to want to be successful, but you have to know
what success means for you. For instance, if you love to shop and have fun accessorizing, perhaps you’d be a great fashion designer, buyer or personal shopper. Pinpoint your desires and determine
how you can parlay those dreams into a reality.

Visualize Success

Once you narrow your scope and identify your goal, use the power of positive thinking to take you to the next step. Think about your goal every day. Create a “mission statement” about what you
want, and repeat your mantra morning and night. Use positive phrases as well as the present tense when you are crafting your statement. For example, don’t say, “I don’t want to punch a clock for
the rest of my life.” Instead, say, “I am in charge of my own career.”

Plan Accordingly

Sure, it’s great to want something and think about getting it — but don’t just wait for that dream job to fall into your lap. Go out and get it! Make sure you have a road map for your
future. Jot down ways that you can go about reaching your goals, and focus on taking the first steps towards accomplishing them.

Don’t Procrastinate

You know what they say: There’s no time like the present. It’s true! Don’t waste another minute thinking about what the future might bring. Be proactive and take steps to bring the future to you.

Self Promote

Be your own biggest advocate. Think about the way you would talk about a friend’s strengths. People always talk up their friends’ good points, but would never consider speaking that way about
themselves. Bag the humble attitude and give yourself credit where credit is due. Put yourself out there, and share your aspirations with family, friends and others. You never know who might be

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be shy. Check into some networking groups, seminars or events that are related to the goal you are trying to achieve, and make the most of each opportunity.

Stick to Your Guns

On your journey to success, there are going to be roadblocks, and there are going to be people who try to dissuade you from your original goal. Stand firm. If you strongly believe in something and
your intuition is telling you to go ahead, listen! But be open to new ideas, suggestions and other ways to achieve your goal.

Chart Your Progress

As you make steps towards your goal, take a step back every now and then to see how far you’ve come. Charting your progress and making note of each small success will reenergize you on your journey
towards your goal and help get you pumped up to take the next big step.

Reward Yourself

You did it! Pop the bubbly and celebrate the occasion. You worked hard and achieved your goal — and you did it your way, without compromising yourself. Now that’s an achievement!

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