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Feng shui for your personality

If you follow ancient Chinese feng shui principles, you can determine what element your personality matches best. Here we present the five elements associated with feng shui and their trademark characteristics.

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If you are fire, your character traits include love, passion, leadership, spirituality, insight, aggression, intuition, reason and expressiveness. Personalities of the fire element often experience excitement, joy, vanity, jealousy, frustration, regret and disappointment in relationships. If you are very forthright and direct, and feel much grief when love is lost, you might be a fire sign. Colors associated with the fire element include bold brights such as red, purple, scarlet, magenta, hot pink and orange, and common fire objects are lamps and burning candles.


If you are nice and nurturing, and put your all into your friendships, you might be an earth element. Character traits of this element include stability, practicality, reliability, industriousness, empathy, honesty and kindness. Worry, thoughtfulness, attention to instincts, awareness and reflection are emotions and qualities also associated with the earth element. These personalities often collect objects as a way of seeking security. Yellow is the color most associated with the earth element, and objects associated with this sign include plants, adobe, clay and ceramic.


The metal element reflects characteristics such as strength, independence, focus, intensity, righteousness and fluency in speech. Personalities of the metal element often feel gratitude, insecurity, the inability to achieve parental expectations or a lack of confidence; they are very determined and powerful, and can be aloof and very private. People of the metal element like to maintain a sense of order in their environments; they like things neat and clean without a lot of frills and details. White, silver and light pastels are the colors most often associated with them, and objects like silver trays, rocks, crystals and gems round out the profile.


The water element’s personality traits include creativity, wisdom, sensitivity, reflection, persuasion, effectiveness and the desire for life and sex. Water personalities hold family very dear to them, and they are very attractive to others. They are often considered mysterious and tend to internalize feelings and over-think things. They also might struggle with emotions such as fear and uncertainty. They may seek refuge in a dark, cool room to rest and recharge, and they enjoy relaxing in revitalizing baths. Dark colors such as black, blue and gray are the colors of the water sign. Objects associated with this sign include reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, cut crystal, pools, fountains and aquariums.


People of the wood element exhibit good decision-making skills, idealism, imagination, compassion and the ability to create change. Wood element personalities display kindness, tension, criticism of themselves and others, discouragement, regret and repressed anger related to thwarted affection. Wood personalities are not afraid to make bold moves or “take the wheel.” They are proactive, active, driven and competitive. The wood element also is associated with an appreciation for plant life and foliage; not surprisingly, green is the color that most symbolizes the wood element, along with blue and turquoise; natural-fiber fabrics, plants and anything made from wood also are associated with the element.

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