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Home decor ideas to fit your style

Your home is your castle, and as such, it should reflect your unique style. When someone comes into your home, they should be able to tell a little bit about you simply by what is adorning on your walls.

Living Room with Blue Wall

World Traveler

Jet-setting around the globe can not only make you a more worldly person, it can help fill your home with things that reflect your style. If you love to travel, start collecting things from each destination that you visit. The items don’t have to match, and as you begin to grow your collection, pay attention to how certain things will go together to make your well-traveled style show-off your personal style at home.

Less is More

If you love the modern and contemporary look, make it part of your home’s style. Stick with a basic, minimalist look with a few bright punches of bold color and geometric shapes. Clean-lined, exposed-leg furniture and structural art are key elements to the contemporary style. Exposed ductwork is another trademark of the contemporary look.


If you are a food-lover at heart, make the kitchen the heart of your home, and your home’s style. Add barstools to the countertops and/or kitchen island to bring guests into the action. This automatically creates an intimate atmosphere, it allows your guests to watch you cook, and you can relax in your element, while still being the consummate host. For a fun twist, frame menus from your favorite restaurants or hang small chalkboards around the kitchen and eating areas. Be sure to update them with the current menu selections when guests come by for a bite to eat!


If bright colors define your personality, there is no reason to shy away from it in your home. While many people are afraid to commit to painting a wall a vibrant color, it is actually one of the coolest, easiest and, not to mention, cheapest ways to redecorate a room! Each room in your home can have its own color scheme and each room in the house can be unique to itself — every room in the house does not have to be color-coordinated with one another. The colors within each room itself, however, should be within the same color family. Avoid monotone use of one color and kick up each room with a little splash of another complementary color.

Family Tree

If family is your main priority, display it proudly! Allow the walls and shelves in your home to serve as a gallery of your favorite family memories. People love looking at pictures, and with each picture you can recount a story. Be sure to incorporate all sizes of pictures and picture frames. The frames do not have to match, but try to group together the ones that coordinate. Be sure to mix it up with a combination of color photos along with black and white ones, which tend to look more artsy. And candid shots are always way more fun than stiff, posed ones. Make sure everyone looks great in the pictures you are displaying. If one person has his eyes closed, pass on it.

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