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How to get crayon stains out of washable fabric

How can you get crayon stains out of clothing or other fabric? Here’s a step-by-step process to help you remove staining from wax crayon.

Step 1: Start with scraping

How to get crayon stains out of fabricGently scrape off any excess crayon with a dull table knife.

Step 2: Use dry cleaning solvent

Place the crayon-stained surface down on a pad of paper towels. From the “clean” side of the fabric, sponge with dry-cleaning solvent. Be sure to replace the toweling as it absorbs the stain. Flush with dry-cleaning solvent, and let air-dry.

Step 3: Powdered detergent?

If using powdered detergent, sponge area with cool water. Apply a paste of powdered detergent and water, and launder as usual.

Step 4: Liquid detergent?

If using liquid detergent, let item air-dry completely, then apply liquid detergent directly to the dry fabric. Launder as usual. Repeat, if necessary. If safe for the fabric, treat with bleach during wash cycle.

Step 5: Don’t dry

Air-dry the fabric until the stain has been completely removed. If you use a heated dryer (or other hot device, such as an iron) and the crayon is still present, you will make the stain permanent.

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Information courtesy Penn State Extension

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