5 At-home beauty tips and tricks

Every girl deserves a bit of pampering — but you don’t have to jet to the spa for lavish treatments. Here are some of our very favorite DIY beauty tips and tricks in which to indulge from the comfort of your own home.

cucumber facial

Soft Soles

Feet are so often neglected, but there’s nothing attractive or comfortable about dry, rough soles. For a great at-home treatment, fill a bowl with some hot water and soap or a foot-soak treatment, and soak those tired dogs. This will help soften your soles so they’re easier to buff with your favorite buffer or cream. Follow by slathering your feet with some Vaseline. Put on some socks and leave them on overnight. You’ll awake with the softest tootsies ever.

Puffy Eyes

Just because you’re an early riser doesn’t mean your eyes love mornings, too. A quick solution: Cold spoons. Keep some spoons chilled in the refrigerator or pop one in the freezer when you awake. Press the spoon against your closed eyes to help relieve puffiness.

Dark circles

Everyone has seen a picture of a woman relaxing with cucumber slices on her eyes. That’s because cucumbers help reduce inflammation and decrease swelling. You can put cukes on your cheeks and other puffy areas, too. Green tea bags also work well in reducing puffiness.

Long-lasting polish

Finding that your favorite nail polish has turned into a goopy, clumpy mess is frustrating. Heat exposure is the culprit here, so make your nail polish last longer by keeping it in the fridge.

The power of lemon

Lemon’s so versatile, it’s insane. For instance, you can soften rough patches on your elbows and knees with a lemon half applied for about 10 minutes. The acidity in the lemon exfoliates rough skin and even helps lighten dark areas. You can also use lemon juice to whiten fingertips and nails; just soak your fingers in some lemon juice for a few minutes and follow with moisturizing.


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