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6 Beauty must-haves for a girls’ night out

There’s nothing like a girls’ night out to feel refreshed and rejuvenated and to reconnect with friends. But after putting in the effort to get ready, the last thing you want is for your look to fall flat. Here, we have some beauty essentials to take with, so your look stays put and super fabulous all night long.

mini hairbrush, Q-tips, hairspray, blotting sheets

Mini hair brush

Whether you’re dancing the night away or just going to the movies, always stow a mini hair brush in your bag. You can find some now as small as your compact that even include a mini-mirror. Brush your locks a few times throughout the evening to keep your hair shiny and non-stringy.

Oil-blotting sheets

Oil blotting sheets are quite possibly one of the greatest inventions ever. When your skin starts getting oily, simply press a sheet to the skin and watch how it lifts oil without removing your makeup. Pay special attention to your T-zone — it usually generates a lot of shine, even though you might not see it at first in the mirror. The best part? The sheets are about the size of a credit card — small enough to fit in even your tiniest clutch.

Mini hairspray

Whether your hair has gone flat, frizz has started to set in or it’s just starting to look plain untruly again, a mini hairspray bottle stashed in your purse can be a total godsend. Dash to the bathroom, where you can steal some mirror space for a mini spritz that will keep your hairstyle holding all night long.

Lipstick/Lip Balm

Stash your favorite lipstick or lip balm in your bag to reapply throughout the evening. Try a long-wear version that won’t rub off as easily and will cut down on your reapplications.


Eye makeup runs sometimes — no getting around it. Q-tips are fabulous for fixing runny eyeliner, mascara and even eyeshadow. Just wet the tip and fix the area that’s gone astray without the risk of taking off all your eye makeup.


This isn’t exactly a cosmetic product, but it definitely enhances beauty! No matter how amazing your hair, makeup and outfit, less-than-pleasant breath can throw off your look. Keep a few handy in your pockets or purse.

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