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30 is the new 20: How to maintain that youthful look

Haven’t you heard? Brown is the new black and 30 is so the new 20. Want to maintain that fresh “I look like I’m in my mid-20s but I’m really 30-something” glow? In order to stay hip, young and fresh-faced, the key is updating your look.

Beautiful Woman in 30s

Style evolution

Sarah Shah, national television image expert and regular contributor to Great Day Houston, says staying youthful is all about allowing your look to evolve over time. “Most women develop their makeup and fashion style in high school and maintain that look through their lifetime. This strategy literally dates.”


So how can you maintain a youthful look with a bounce in your step? Shah recommends incorporating a few trends and colors from the current season into your look. “Be sure the items you choose are flattering and consistent with your personal style. It doesn’t matter if your style evolution is subtle or striking just so long as your look is current and changes over time.” So, in other words just because stirrup pants or leopard prints will be in this fall, doesn’t mean you have to wear them if you don’t personally rock out to the trendy fashion statements.


Show off your assets

Heather Thomson, creator of Yummie Tummie shapewear, points out accentuating your best assets regardless of the specific style. “If you have great legs, show them off. Great arms, remove your office blazer and go sleeveless!” Thomson, who has worked with Diddy, Beyonce and J. Lo on award-winning fashion lines adds, “You will feel confident about your appearance if you spend as much time focusing on your assets as you do on hiding your figure flaws!


Plus, just in time for the fall she recommends wearing your pants long and adding high heels to maintain a youthful look. “A heel will always slim the leg and enhance your look. Make your shoes, bangles or handbag pop with some color or animal print; a pop of color or pattern will keep you looking young and trendy.”


Beauty advice

And how about beauty tips? Thomson recommends prioritizing sleep and exercise. “They’re the best beauty treatment you can get! Sleep is important for your body and mind to recover from the busy lives we all lead. Regular exercise — which can be a brisk walk or training for a triathlon, pick what’s right for you — gives you energy, helps you manage your weight and releases feel-good endorphins to keep your mood up. Remember, when you feel good, you look good!”


Of course, hydrating always helps maintain a youthful glow as does skipping makeup. You also want to leave frosty eyeliner, dark lipstick and sparkly powders at the makeup counter. Instead, think sheer: a good tinted moisturizer with SPF, a creamy blush to give you a hint of color and lipstick that is just a few shades darker than you natural lip color will be the most flattering. The goal is for you to look polished, not overdone!

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