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How to pay all of your bills online

Paying all of your bills online is a good idea for many reasons. First of all, it’s easier to stay organized and ensure that you pay each bill each month. Secondly, you can use auto-pay to make the bill paying process painless. Additionally, paying bills online helps save trees and cuts down on the clutter in your home! Here’s how to pay your bills online.

Step 1: Collect all your bills

Online banking screenMost bills that you
have can be paid online — like your electricity bill, cell phone bill, water bill and even your credit card bills.

Step 2: Research e-Bill options

Read the information that comes with each paper bill to see if the company offers eBills. An eBill replaces a paper bill and can be paid automatically through your bank. If you don’t see the
information, you can call the company to see if they offer eBills.

Although many companies offer you the opportunity to pay your bill through their website, you will probably want to consolidate all of your eBills and any other automatic payments on one service —
usually your bank.

Step 3: Start recurring payments

Even if a company doesn’t offer eBills, don’t worry! Using your online banking account, you can setup recurring payments for bills that are for the same amount each month. You will just need the
company’s name, the company’s email address and your account number. Your bank will do the rest!

Step 4: Pay other bills online

For bills that aren’t the same amount each month, you can still pay them online. The only difference is that you won’t be setting up a recurring payment. You will need to go in each month and input
the amount that is due. Most online banking accounts offer reminder services to give you a heads up each month.

Step 5: Cancel paper bills

Once you are paying all your bills online, you can start canceling your paper bills. By doing so, you can save paper, reduce clutter/fling, and gain peace of mind.

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