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Versatile fashion essentials for the trendy mom

Fall fashion may be all back to basics — simple colors such as black, navy and grays — but don’t worry: Plenty of trends will make your fashion-forward wardrobe stand out among the mom crowd.

Must-haves for trendsetting moms

These six wardrobe essentials for all you trendy moms not only look amazing, but also scream comfort. And let’s face it: You don’t have time to scope out the latest fashion trends and carefully plan your super-cool looks anymore. But that’s okay, because we’ve done the legwork for you.

trendsetting mom in ruffled shirt

Trend #1: Ruffles galore

Make your statement with volume (a straightforward top will no longer do). Whether it’s a ruffled (and rumpled) tuxedo shirt, a jazzed-up cardigan or a tiered cami, you need a versatile ruffle-front top to make your outfit pop.

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