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Great jeans for every body type

No matter what her shape, size or style, a girl should always have a pair (or two, or six) of quality jeans that accentuate her body just right. When it comes to denim, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Luckily, the market’s vast selection of premium jeans means there’s (at least) one that’s perfect for your body type. Even designers of higher-end, more lux brands are thinking outside the Amazon-woman-turned-model box to develop lines that make everyday fashionistas swoon. Here’s what to look for to suit your shape.



On the curvier side? Look for jeans that are cut higher in the back for more coverage. Contoured waistbands work best for this body shape, too, because women with hourglass figures typically have smaller midsections. A telltale seam on the waistband shows that the pair of jeans was cut on a curve and sewn together instead of being just one piece of fabric, allowing for more movement and shape around your body. This helps reduce gaping when you’re on the go. Brands and specific types that cater to your needs include the Honey Boot Fit from Joe’s Jeans and the Curvy Fit Cigarette Leg from J Brand Blue Label.


If you have full hips and thighs, opt for jeans with a contoured waist similar to the hourglass versions, but with a back that rises higher than the front — which shouldn’t be less than 8 inches long. The waistband should hit at the hipbone or belly button so it won’t cut your body off at the widest spot. Rigid fabrics are great for holding in and slimming down thighs, so look for pairs that have no more than 2 percent stretch in the material. Boot-cut styles help even out the shape of your body, and slim-cut jeans help trim down your curves when needed. The Diva Skinny Cut from Old Navy is a good bet.

Straight figures

This body type can get away with denim murder. Low-riders, high-waist cuts, light washes, distressed treatments — they all look good on you. (Don’t worry, we’re all trying really hard not to hate you.) Slimmer, tighter fits with waistlines that run relatively straight across the middle are still the most flattering, though. Waistbands that are too curved can create an unflattering muffin-top look. Rock and Republic has a long line of fitted silhouette flares that help create the illusion of curves. Sailor-esque trouser jeans with creases down the front middle of the legs bring focus to the hips, too.


Jeans with a seam 8 to 9 inches from crotch to waist help cover your stomach and rein in any excess in the area. Waistbands should hit just below the belly button for ultimate coverage and protection. Wide waistbands and an approximately 2 percent stretch to the fabric also provide subtle coverage similar to a girdle. Slightly flared legs help offset the middle portion of your body, and double-buttoned designs ensure a long-hold fit. Good options for this body type include products from Divine Rights of Denim, Paige Premium Denim and Red Engine.


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