How to backup your photos online

For those of us who like to document our entire life with photos, it is important to learn how to backup our photos online. If your photos are only on your digital camera or only on your computer, you are risking disaster if something goes wrong or something is stolen. However, if you backup your photos online, you can be confident that your photos will last a lifetime.

Teens with digital camera and computerStep 1: Transfer the photos

The first thing you need to do is place all your photos onto your computer. If your photos are currently on a digital camera, simply connect your USB cord to your computer and press download.

Step 2: Email the photos

Once you have the photos that you want to backup, one good trick is to email all the photos to yourself. By doing that, you’ll automatically create a backup that is safe for as long as you have that email account!

Step 3: Open a Flickr account

While your email backup is safe, you should backup your photos elsewhere online to be double as safe. You can create a account and swiftly upload all of your photos. If your photos are private, just make your Flickr account private and you won’t have to worry about prying eyes.

Step 4: Consider online data backup

If you are really serious about backing up your photos, consider a service like or These online backup websites allow you to automatically backup your content for just a few dollars per month to start. Combined with Flickr backup and your email backup, this trio of backups makes sure that you’ll always be able to get a copy of your photos.

Step 5: Stay updated

Don’t forget to update your backups as you add more photos to your collections. Backing up your photos once a month makes a lot of sense.

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