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Top gadgets and tools for today’s woman

If you think tool belts, drill bits and power saws are the stuff of man’s work, just take a look around any home improvement store these days. Odds are the customer base isn’t quite as brawny as it used to be. Many of today’s handymen are, well… women who are more concerned with hammering a nail than breaking one!


Has running around endlessly left you spent? Between errands, soccer practice and parent-teacher conferences you may be losing control. Keep your busy schedule in check with these helpful gadgets.


Silicone bracelet USB flash memory drive

Flash drives are great, but their tiny size makes them hard to keep track of. Put an end to the tireless game of hide-and-seek by keeping your critical files close at hand. Literally. This silicone bracelet memory drive goes where you go, so you’ll always have what you need, when you need it. (, $20)


Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Tired of writing notes, only to retype them later? Save yourself a step with the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen. Not only does it capture what you write, it also records audio — which means you’ll never have gaps in the information you need. (, $150)


Doxie document scanner

If your office is starting to look like a recycling plant, regain control with the Doxie document scanner. It scans directly to your favorite applications, like Evernote, Flickr and cloud services, or creates PDF files right on your desktop. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll have a digital filing system and a clean desk! (, $125)


Cabinet mount for original iPad

Your iPad keeps you organized, entertained and productive, but its flat design is not ideal if your hands are covered in cookie dough. Problem solved. Install this cabinet mount in the kitchen as convenient storage for your iPad. As you cook, you’ll have your favorite recipes right at your fingertips, no hands necessary. (, $13)


Stereoluxe AM/FM radio and MP3 dock

Music will make your heart sing. But stacks of unsightly CDs: that’s a different story. You can show off your music collection in a sleek, modern fashion with this stylish MP3 dock. Let your favorite tunes stream from your iPod or phone, or tune in to your favorite radio station. (Urban Outfitters, $200)


“His and hers” towels, “his and hers” robes… why not “his and hers” tools? No more arguments over who lost the hammer. You’ll have just what you need, right where you need it, since he won’t go near these pretty tools!


Apollo Tools 5-piece pink mini pliers set

You just never know when you might need a good pair of needle-nose pliers. From crafts to plumbing work and everything in between, you’re bound to put this handy kit to good use. (, $13)


Pink safety glasses

Safety first! No project is worth an injury, so protect your beautiful blues, browns and greens with this chic pair of safety goggles. Bring sexy back by looking pretty in pink, all while wielding power tools! (Tom Boy Tools, $9)


Little pink tool pouch and belt

This tool kit does more than just fix leaky faucets — it helps in the fight against cancer. When you buy the tools you need from Little Pink Tools, 10 percent of every purchase is donated to breast cancer research. (Little Pink Tools, $60)


Flower tools 3-piece set

If pink isn’t your thing, then how about some flower-power? These fun tools boast womanly flare with bold, blossomed prints in vibrant colors! (PJ Tool & Supply, $10)


Garden bucket kit

Now that you have the tools you’ll need for working around the house, don’t forget the garden! Keep weeds at bay with this garden bucket kit. This 2-gallon pail has everything you’ll need to prune, trim, weed and plant. (Tom Boy Tools, $47)

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