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How to print photos from your computer

Back in the day, you would need to take your film into a photo lab to get developed. Nowadays, you just need a computer to print your own photos. Within a few steps, you’ll learn how to print photos from your computer.

Printer with photographs and cameraStep 1: Get the photos on your computer

The first thing you need to do is to transfer the photos onto your computer. If you have a digital camera, you usually can connect to your computer via a USB cord. If the photos are on your cell phone, you may be able to email the photos to your computer. No matter what type of device you are using, check the manual for instructions on how to transfer the photos.

Step 2: Preview the photos

Once you have the photos on your computer, you will want to preview the photos. Adobe Photoshop (and its lower-cost sibling, Photoshop Elements) is a very slick piece of software that will allow you to preview your photos and make any edits you see fit.

Step 3: View photos prior to printing

Prior to printing, you should select “Print Preview” to make sure the photos are going to print at the right size. Adjust the size of the photo until you are happy with the size.

Step 4: Check your printer

Check your printer to make sure it is ready to work. If you are printing high quality photos, you may want to use glossy paper. Also make sure that you have a sufficient amount of ink.

Step 5: Conduct a test printing

Print the first photo. If it prints correctly, go ahead and print the rest! If it doesn’t, you can correct the issue without wasting paper and ink.

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