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How to create & post a video on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet — and for good reason. Whether you want a quick laugh or watch an in-depth film, you can find the video you are looking for on YouTube. Every minute of the day, hours of videos are being uploaded onto YouTube. Here are the steps you need to learn how to create and post a video on YouTube.

Woman on ComputerStep 1: Create
the video

Your first step is to create the video. To do that, you’ll need a video recorder. Today, video recorders come in many shapes and sizes — from your cell phone to a professional video camera.
Additionally, you can use screen capturing software on your recorder to create a video.

Step 2: Edit your video clips

Editing your video is the second step. If you are on a Windows computer, Windows Movie Maker is a very easy to use video editor that’s included with every PC. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows
you to edit video with just a few clips of the mouse. You can even add music to your video — though be warned: YouTube has been cracking down on unlicensed uses of commercial recordings (such as
those you buy on CD or download from iTunes). There’s no penalty other than possibly having your audio track stripped from the video, but it can be a hassle.

Step 3: Register with YouTube

Now it is time to go to YouTube and register an account. Signing up is easy and takes just a minute or two — and even less time if you already have a Google account. (Google owns YouTube.) 

Step 4: Upload your video on YouTube

Once you are logged into your YouTube account, go to your “Account Settings” section. In the upper right, you will see an “Upload” link. On the next page, click on the “Upload Video” link and then
locate and select your video file from your hard drive.

Step 5: Exercise patience

At this point of the process, you will need to be patient. Uploading video on YouTube can take between 10 and 30 minutes, and then there’s some additional processing time. You will be alerted when
your video is ready.

Step 6: Describe it well

Using relevant keywords, along with a descriptive title and search-friendly video description can make the difference between fame and obscurity. There are no real “tricks” — just use the words
and phrases you think people would enter into search to locate a video like yours.

Step 7: Make some choices

Do you want to allow commenting — and if so, do you want to approve all comments before they’re posted? (That’s usually recommended, as some people spend their days posting insulting and/or
obscene comments to random videos.) You can also decide to allow “embedding” or not — that means people can insert your video into their blog or other web page. The default is to allow embedding,
and is largely how videos are shared web-wide.

Step 7: Watch and share!

Once it’s been activated and you’ve changed any settings you want, watch your video to make sure that it uploaded correctly. You can then get the link and share your YouTube creation with the

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