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How to talk with friends and family via web cam

One of the most exciting advances in internet-related technology is the ability to talk with friends and family via web cam. Especially in the last few years, this technology has really improved. With a few pieces of equipment and some planning, you can be talking via web cam in no time.

Woman on web camStep 1: Get a web cam

For two people to talk via web cam, the first thing you need to do is to make sure both people have a web cam. You should be able to find a quality web cam online or at an electronics store for
under $100.

Step 2: Install the web cam

Each person will need to then install the web cam onto their computer. Depending on the web cam, you may need to install software via a CD or you may simply just have to plug the web cam into your
computer! Read the directions with the particular web cam.

Step 3: Register with Skype

By using Skype, you can easily conduct a video chat. Skype has millions of users and is a highly rated service. Best of all, video chat on Skype is free! Simply download Skype, install it onto your
computer and then open an account.

Step 4: Begin the Skype conversation

Once both people have their web cam and Skype installed, simply log onto Skype and initiate a conversation. With one click, you can turn it into a video chat. You should be able to see the other
person and the other person should be able to see you.

Step 5: Perfect the video

Adjust your web cam as needed. You can alter its positioning and you can also change the lighting in your room. At this point, you should able to talk with friends and family via web cam with
little lag and a lot of fun!

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