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How to set up a wireless router in your home

In today’s technological world, wires are disappearing at an alarming rate. It seems like everything that used to have wires is now available wireless. One of the most popular wireless devices is the wireless router. Within a few steps, you can learn how to set up a wireless router in your home.

Wireless RouterStep 1: Find a home base

Pick a location for the wireless router. This location should be free of any potential interference (such as a television or a microwave) and should be in a place that can easily be reached.

Step 2: Power it up

Find the power cord and plug one end into the wall outlet and the other end into the wireless router. Once the power cord is connected on both ends, you should see a power light on the wireless

Step 3: Hook up the modem

Next, you need to connect your modem to your router. The modem is the device that allows the router to connect to the internet.

Step 4: Watch for blinking lights

After about 30 seconds, the modem should be up and running and you should see a number of blinking lights on the wireless router. This lets you know that the modem and wireless router are
successfully connected.

Step 5: Hop on a computer

Get on a computer in the general vicinity of the wireless router. If you got an installation CD with your wireless router, put it in the computer. If you didn’t, check your networks connections on
your computer to find the available wireless connection.

Step 6: Check to see if it works properly

Surf the internet to make sure the wireless router is performing as expected. If you have any issues with speed or losing connection, attempt to move your wireless router to see if that helps
matters. With a few adjustments, you should be up and running on the internet!

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