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How to download & install iPhone apps

The iPhone is one of the most loved and highly reviewed electronic devices of the last decade. Apps for the iPhone have become extremely popular. Nowadays, there is an iPhone App for just about everything you could possibly dream about. Downloading and installing iPhone apps is easy once you learn the process.

Woman with iphoneStep 1: Register with iTunes

Before you are able to download an iPhone app, you will need an iTunes account. On your iPhone, go to “store” under “settings”. Registration is simple and will be completed in a matter of minutes.

Step 2: Get online

Next, make sure that your iPhone is connected to the internet. You’ll need to be online to enter the App Store. To launch the store, simply tap on the blue icon for the App Store.

Step 3: Browse the available iPhone apps

Now comes the fun part! You can browse through the available iPhone apps to find one that you want. You can look in the different categories or you can look at the most popular apps or the featured apps. For each app, you can read more about it to learn exactly what it does.

Step 4: Purchase and download

To begin the downloading process, first tap on the price and then tap where it says “Buy Now”. At this point, you will likely be prompted to enter your iTunes information. Once you do, the download will begin immediately.

Step 5: Install and have fun

After the download completes (you will see a progress status bar in the meantime), all it takes is another tap on the screen to install. Then you are free to enjoy your new iPhone app!

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