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How to get rid of spiders & other bugs

Almost everyone is at least unsettled by spiders, and a large portion of the population is completely freaked out by the creepy crawlies. Spiders, as well as other similar pests, are mostly unwelcome in the average household, but they generally don’t get the message. Here are some ways to keep your house insect- and arachnid-free.

Spider on wallStep 1: Keep your house clean

Spiders and other insects feel at home when you leave dirty laundry on the floor and never bother to dust or vacuum. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or food on the counter.

Step 2: Seal them out

Check every door and window to make sure that they are completely sealed. If your window screens are broken and your doors leave gaps for insects to enter your home, they will take advantage of the opportunity.

Step 3: Vacuum them up

When you find spiders, thoroughly vacuum the area in which they were spotted. Search behind furniture and in dark corners to see if you can spot any webs and egg sacs and get rid of them.

Step 4: Clean up after meals

Leaving food out is a surefire way to keep spiders and insects around. When dinner is over, put leftovers in the refrigerator and dispose of anything that you are not going to eat.

Step 5: Sweep off the porch

If you have porch lighting, keep the area clean and free of spider webs. Porch lighting attracts a huge amount of spiders and insects so you will need to keep the area as insect-unfriendly as possible.

Step 6: Spray them away

Use spider and pest repellent to keep the creepy crawlies away. Spiders rely on insects as their primary food source, so if you scare away all the insects, the spiders will soon have to follow. If your pest problem persists, call a professional exterminator.

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