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How-to fix up your kitchen on the cheap

No matter if you want to raise the value of your home or if you are simply tired of the current look, revamping up your kitchen can make a big difference. While learning how to fix up your kitchen on the cheap can be somewhat difficult, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Woman in white kitchenStep 1: Clean the kitchen

Sometimes, you’ll find that you don’t need a new kitchen — you just need a clean kitchen. Clean everything until it is sparkling like the first day you saw it. If you are still unhappy with what you see, go ahead and proceed.

Step 2: Consider paint

An easy and inexpensive facelift for your kitchen is paint. By painting your cabinets or kitchen walls a different color, you may be able to achieve the goal you are pursuing.

Step 3: Add catchy accessories

When fixing up your kitchen, go from small to big. Add a variety of kitchen accessories to add a bit of flash and current style to the mix. For example, colorful, small appliances on your countertop can make a big difference.

Step 4: Shop used

If you are going to go ahead and replace the big appliances or cabinets in your kitchen, shopping used is the best way to do so on the cheap. With today’s economy struggling like it is, you may be able to find gently used kitchen items that were lost in a foreclosure for drastically lowered prices.

Step 5: Install yourself

One of the biggest costs when fixing up your kitchen is installation. Instead of paying someone, make it a weekend of project for you and your spouse or a friend. Head to your home improvement store, where you can purchase things like cabinets, countertops and much more. The staff can provide training on how to install the items on your own.

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