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How-to fix up your bathroom on the cheap

A bathroom may appear to be a small room but fixing it up usually includes a large price tag. However, if you know the tricks of the trade, you can revamp your bathroom on the cheap without anyone figuring out you didn’t spend a fortune!

Woman cleaning bathroomStep 1: Make the shower spotless

A lot of the grime in your bathroom is probably located in your shower and tub. Instead of purchasing expensive cleaning items, just use lemon juice, a bucket of water and a scrubber. That’s all you need to eliminate mold and mildew to make your shower and tub shine again.

Step 2: Tackle the toilet

To take care of those hard-to-clean stains in your toilet, just use white vinegar. Let the vinegar stand and it will eat away the rings and other discoloration. Flush and repeat until your toilet is perfectly clean. You can also use the vinegar to clean the bathroom floor.

Step 3: Take on the sink

Next up in your mission to fix up the bathroom is the sink and countertop area. This time, mix lemon juice and baking soda to create a potent paste. The paste will remove the hard water deposits and the soap scum.

Step 4: Make a minor adjustment

To finish up your project, go for a minor adjustment that will have a major impact. One idea is to paint the bathroom walls a bright color. Another idea is to change out the faucets for new shiny fixtures to add a sparkle of newness and life. If your flooring is old or damaged, replace it with new tile or linoleum. You don’t need to overhaul everything. Focus on one point and revamp it.

Step 5: Add new accessories

A new shower curtain, rugs and shelving will give your bathroom a whole new look. Head to your local superstore where you can find amazing deals on bath products.

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