How to host a successful potluck party

A potluck party can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. However, a successful potluck party takes some work and a good amount of planning. Here are the steps you should take to host a successful potluck party.

Poltuck SpreadStep 1: Invite the guests

For a potluck party to be a success, you should invite at least six individuals or couples. Figure out a time and a day that works for everyone involved and save the date.

Step 2: Coordinate the food

Once you find out who is attending the potluck party, starting asking the guests what type of food they would like to bring. Getting their input is better than simply demanding a certain dish. Coordinate what people are going to bring to make sure you have a logical number of appetizers, main courses and desserts.

Step 3: Provide the essentials

Some people think that a potluck party host just needs to provide the venue. That is inaccurate. The host is also responsible for other basic items such as drinks, plates, glasses, utensils and napkins.

Step 4: Pay attention to the food

As your guests arrive, pay special attention to the food. If the food needs to remain chilled, put it in the fridge. If it needs to stay warm, put it in the oven.

Step 5: Clean as you go

Remember that the guests will need to leave with their dishes in hand. To avoid having to clean each dish at the end of the night, clean each dish as it is emptied.

Step 6: Thank the guests individually

To put the cherry on top of the successful potluck party, don’t forget to thank each guest on a one-on-one basis. Thank the individual for attending and for the food that they added to the mix.

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