How to prepare for overnight guests

Preparing for overnight guests sounds like an easy task but it actually includes a lot of planning. If you overlook an aspect, both you and the guest might become uncomfortable. Here are simple ways to prepare your home for overnight guests.

House GuestStep 1: Clean and de-clutter your home

While you don’t need to clean every centimeter of your home, you should give your home a good overall cleaning. De-cluttering is also important when you are expecting guests. Also make sure your home smells nice prior to the arrival.

Step 2: Provide directions to your home

If the guests have never been to your home, don’t forget about the directions! Relying on MapQuest or Google Maps doesn’t always work out for the best. Give them landmarks to spot along the way so they know they are on track.

Step 3: Show the guests to their rooms right away

Although you’d probably like to stop and talk, showing the guests their rooms immediately helps them to feel at home. They will also know where they can relax, unpack and place their items.

Step 4: Remember towels and toiletries

The guest bathrooms are as important (if not more important) than the guest bedrooms. You should have a sufficient amount of clean towels. It’s also a good idea to include sample size toiletries in case your overnight guests didn’t come fully prepared.

Step 5: Give your guests a map of the area

Even if you plan to be the tour guide, it helps everyone to provide a map of the local area. Point out restaurants, gas stations and other points of interest on the map.

Step 6: Offer your help

Even if you have to stress it a number of times, make sure your overnight guests know that you will help with any issue that arises.

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