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How to repair 10 common household hassles

Don’t you hate those annoying things around your home that pop up and seem to serve the sole purposes of bothering you? Here are 10 common household hassles and ways to go about repairing them.

Dog Diggin in BackyardStep 1: Soften brown sugar

Brown sugar has the nasty habit of hardening. However, you can soften the brown sugar once again by putting an apple slice in the bag.

Step 2: Open jars with ease

There are a few things you can do to open that jar that just doesn’t want to open. First, use a latex glove to gain friction on the lid when twisting it. If that doesn’t help, gently knock the jar on the edge of the counter from bottom to top until the jar can be opened. You can also tap the edge of the lid with a butter knife.

Step 3: Rid the house of ants

Nobody wants ants in their home. To get rid of ants, mix together peppermint spray and chalk. Place this paste in areas where ants enter the home and congregate.

Step 4: Keep your dog from digging

Most breeds of dogs like to dig. You can stop Spot from digging by putting chili powder in the holes he has made.

Step 5: Stop a cough

If you have a cough that doesn’t want to go away, bring out an onion and a jar of honey. Cut the onion and put it in the honey. Mix it together and start eating the honey and onion combination. Your cough will soon disappear.

Step 6: Ward off freezer burn

Freezer burn can ruin any meal. To make sure it doesn’t happen your freezer food, wrap any open package in foil and then put the foil in a plastic bag before storing the freezer.

Step 7: Get your kids to eat veggies

Kids hate veggies. But the good news is that kids love ketchup. Let your kids put ketchup on their vegetables and they will suddenly want to eat that salad.

Step 8: Freshen up a mattress

If you just can’t get that gunky smell out of your mattress, take it outside and place it in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun will help absorb odors and kill the mold that you can’t see.

Step 9: Clean a cup

If you have a cup or a mug that refuses to get clean in the dishwasher due to coffee or other stains, fill up the cup with water and juice from a whole lemon. Stir the liquid and let it set overnight. In the morning, the cup will be clean.

Step 10: Remove pet hair

If there is pet hair on your furniture or clothes, wrap packing tape around your hand (sticky side out) to swiftly lift the hair without any additional hassle.

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