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How to avoid wardrobe malfunctions

You spend days shopping for the perfect outfit, then hours in front of the mirror getting ready. Don’t let a wardrobe malfunction ruin a job interview or special date. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t have any sort of fashion mishap.

Woman getting dressedStep 1: Make sure it fits

When buying clothes, make sure they actually fit. Don’t trust that you will lose a few pounds before the event. When trying on clothes in the dressing room, bend, squat, stretch, reach and sit. Look from all angles to make sure nothing rides up or pops open.

Step 2: Buy fashion tape

Fashion tape is a must. All the celebrities and models use it at award ceremonies and fashion shows. This double-sided tape sticks to your skin and to fabrics, allowing you to keep your plunging neckline or short hemline from exposing too much.

Step 3: Wear nude undergarments

Don’t wear white, black or other colors. Instead stick to bras, panties and other undergarments that are close to your skin color. This is particularly important when wearing semi-sheer or lace fabrics. Make sure your bra fits properly and the straps aren’t always slipping down. You can also hold bra straps in place with velcro or fashion tape.

Step 4: Use a clear deodorant

We have all scoffed at people when we see white deodorant on their black sweater. Don’t let this happen to you. Use a clear antiperspirant rather than a white solid if possible. If not, be sure to fold your top over a few inches at the bottom before you put it on, this will cut down the risk of white streaks. If you do get deodorant on your clothes, rubbing pantyhose on the spot will help remove it. Whatever you do, don’t try to wash it off, it will just get mucky and dry even whiter and larger.

Step 5: Stand tall

Normally when clothing bunches or bulges it’s because you are slouching. So stand and walk tall to keep your clothes draped nicely. If you are carrying a little extra weight, wear shapewear or control top pantyhose. This will also help the drape of your fabric and get rid of lumps and bumps.

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