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How to put together beauty basics for your purse

When you leave the house in the morning, you can’t fit everything on your vanity into your purse. However, we all want to touch up our makeup throughout the day. By selecting the right beauty basics, you can always look fabulous.

Woman with Lip GlossStep 1: Start with sample sizes

The easiest way to pack your makeup bag is with sample, mini or travel sizes of your favorite products. Sephora, Estee Lauder and other beauty companies hand out a lot of samples.

Step 2: Pick and choose

Of course, you won’t have small sizes of everything you need. So you need to pick and choose the items that you really need in your makeup bag. If you apply foundation in the morning, you can get away with freshening it up with a pressed powder rather than toting the bottle of liquid in your purse. If you are going out after work, bring mascara and eyeliner to give your eyes a more dramatic evening look.

Step 3: Add an all-in-1 palette

Many makeup companies make all-in-1 compact palettes featuring eye shadow, blush and lip color all in one place. These are perfect for your makeup bag. Some of my favorites are the Artist Palettes from NARS Cosmetics.

Step 4: Gloss it and blot it

Lip gloss is a makeup bag essential. A touch of gloss can add just the right amount of glamour or freshness to your look. Buy two of your favorite lip gloss and keep one in your purse at all times. Another thing that you should always have in your bag are blotting papers. These little papers pack a powerful punch, removing oil and shine from your face and reviving your makeup.

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