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How to get gum & other goo out of your hair

Getting gum in your hair is one of those beauty disasters that we all want to avoid. But if it happens to you, put down the scissors. There are some easy ways you should try to remove the gum.

Woman with messy hairStep 1: Get some peanut butter

Head to the kitchen and find your jar of Jif (or any other kind of creamy peanut butter). You want a peanut butter with a high oil content and be sure not to use crunchy!

Step 2: Apply generously

After removing as much of the gum as you can with your fingers, apply a generous amount of peanut butter to the area. Rub it in to coat the gum and the hair surrounding it.

Step 3: Use a tooth brush

Get an old tooth brush and work the peanut butter into your hair using long downward strokes. Continue working the peanut butter through the gum and it will slowly dissolve the gum.

Step 4: Get a dry hand towel

With a dry towel, rub out the peanut butter (which will remove the gum too). Then comb through the area with a wide-tooth comb.

Step 5: Wash it out

Head to the shower and lather your hair with a clarifying shampoo, paying special attention to the place that had the gum and peanut butter. Lather, rinse, repeat. Uses a moisturizing conditioner and style your hair as usual.

Step 6: Ice it

If you have any gum remaining in your hair after the peanut butter method, apply an ice cube directly to the gooey part of your hair and hold it there for 15 minutes. Comb through and re-wash your hair. This should remove any leftover gum residue.

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