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How to help your child get a summer job

Whether you are the parent of a motivated child that wants to make some spending money over the summer or the parent of a child who sleeps in until 3:00 PM every day of the summer, you may want to help your child get a summer job. Here are some tips to help your kid get employed for the summer.

Teen LifeguardStep 1: Have a family discussion

Talk to your child and explore his or her strengths, skills and interests. Athletic children may find lifeguarding or another outdoor job to be rewarding, while the more intellectual children may
prefer an internship in a specific field, such as in business.

Step 2: Start looking early

If your child already knows that he or she would like to apply for a summer job far in advance, you could start looking as early as March. This would give you an advantage, as many employers look
to fill summer positions much earlier in the year.

Step 3: Help with resumes and applications

Help your child prepare a professional resume that will help him or her to stand out in the sea of likeminded teenagers looking for summer employment. If they bring home an application, help them
fill it out to highlight their best assets.

Step 4: Seek advice

School guidance counselors are a great resource for children who want summer jobs, as many companies try to recruit teenagers by sending their applications to local high schools.

Step 5: Use the internet

The internet is a very useful resource when helping your child land a summer job. Websites like and have plenty of job openings for teenagers across the country.

Step 6: Keep your eyes open

Let friends and relatives know your child is looking for work. They have an opportunity at their place of employment, or need babysitting and other services. Keep your eyes open as you go about
your daily activities. You may spot the “Help Wanted” sign that lands your child his or her summer job.

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