5 Style bloggers share their perfect first date outfit

Jessica Schroeder

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: http://whatiwore.tumblr.com

What she’s wearing:

Jacket: Vintage and from a thrift store

Tank: Target

Skirt: Target

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Simply Vera by Vera Wang (Kohl’s)

Why it’s her perfect first date outfit:

On a first date I want to feel confident, cute, girly and tall. But most importantly I want to feel like myself, which is why this outfit is a perfect first date look. To avoid being too sexy, I like to pick between showing more arms/collarbone and some legs. I like the playfulness of this skirt and how it lets the jacket really shine. The colors, beading and cut of the jacket all send a message to my date that I’m easy going and ready to have fun. This outfit also works for the office (with flats) and moves easily into cocktail hour.”


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