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7 Expert tips for a flawless face

I’ve seen it one too many times before. Women who step out of their homes with makeup so messed up, I can’t help but stare. Either it’s too cake-y or it is as if they didn’t have mirrors when they applied. With eye shadows far from subtle and foundation as uneven as a mismatched ensemble, I would like to set these women straight once and for all. So, I turned to the celebrity makeup artists for their flawless makeup tips. Whether you think you have a problem or not when it comes to makeup application, read on. You might learn something!

Woman with Makeup Brush

Concealing 101

Celebrity makeup artist Amy Marie, who’s worked with stars like Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Barbara Walters, has a perfect tip to conceal fine lies, wrinkles and crow’s feet. “When trying to conceal [the signs of aging], make sure your skin is hydrated. Proper hydration will allow your skin to have a plump and supple appearance,” she says.

“After you moisturize, apply your foundation. Then, apply a cream or liquid concealer. If you have deep wrinkles, stay away from applying powder afterwards, which will settle into the existing lines and make them more apparent.”

It’s all about the eyes

Nevio Regazzini, a well-known makeup artist in Europe who’s currently based out of New York City and has worked with GQ, Dolce & Gabbana and Zinc, stresses the importance of eyes in proper makeup application.

“Ladies should always have mascara and an eyelash curlers in their “go-to” bags,” he says. “It’s important that eyes are perfectly adorned at all times, since the eyes reflect one’s soul.” He holds the eyes of 90 percent importance compared to the rest of one’s face!

Hiding bags under eyes

Amy Marie believes hiding the bags underneath your eyes can be a challenge to cover. “Start with a hydrating eye cream and follow with foundation,” she explains. “Next, apply a cream-based concealer that matches your skin depth in color and undertone, pink or yellow-based. A lightly applied press or loose powder will set your concealer, but will also make lines more apparent so apply lightly.”

Zit zappers

Amy Marie points out that you must start with a foundation that matches your skin flawlessly when it comes to zapping zits away. “Follow with a good concealer, such as Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage,” she adds. “Set with a translucent powder or one that matches your foundation.”

Bronzing love

“Bronzer is an easy way to add color without baking in the sun,” Nevio Regazzini explains. However, it’s important to know how to apply it. The Salon Luba celebrity makeup artist shares that one must understand the shape of a face in order to know where to apply bronzer — and blush, for that matter.

Chamomile for summer

Who doesn’t love sunny weather? Your skin! The sun’s harmful rays is aging you, not to mention making you red. Renee Ryan, Cargo’s international makeup artist says to use products with chamomile, which has calming properties. This will help to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of redness. “Cargo’s OneBase concealer contains chamomile extract and will help hide reddish pimples… because of the specialized formulation.”

Bye-bye to under eye circles

Vanessa Elese, a New York makeup artist and beauty expert, who’s worked for ABC and Fox, has the perfect trick to camouflage those under-eye circles that some of us can’t seem to prevent. “For a light concealer under the eye that brightens and tones down any superficial darkness, I choose, Makeup Forever’s Lift Concealer. This product is fantastic, it can be layered for more coverage without looking like you have makeup on, as well as diminishing any fine lines.”

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