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The best at-home facials

Facials at spas can cost upwards of $200. From microdermabrasions to chemical peels, from special creams to specific treatments, as glorious as facials are, these are a luxury that only some of us can indulge in. And in these economic times, many are wise to forgo their pricey beauty regimens and put their spare loot away for a rainy day.

Woman wearing facial mask

But wait, that would mean you’re sacrificing taking care of your skin! That would mean, you’ll be more prone to breakouts! That would mean, you can’t treat yourself! Not so fast, ladies — you can get a facial after all. Even better, the aesthetician won’t need a tip … because it’s you! Read on for our favorite at-home facials for your next treatment.

Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion


Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Cream ($75 at might only cost a little less than a spa facial, but keep in mind, you can get multiple uses out of this one jar. Its lux diamond-shaped crystals will exfoliate your skin while polishing and smoothing out fine lines. This is sure to improve your skin’s texture, too, so you’ll look younger and fresher in no time.

Face peel

MD Skincare’s Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel, a two-step, ready-to-use pads will improve your skin’s firmness, while toning your face. The result: A reduction in pore size and a whole lot of radiance! Its blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids are good for daily use. And all it takes is two steps. Get a 30-day supply for $78 at — definitely cheaper than what a chemical peel would cost in one shot.

Bliss pore perfeting facial polish


Ever get a spa facial and just feel ultra-polished? Think you can only get that by going to a spa? No way! Bliss’ Pore Perfecting Facial Polish ($30 at will help purify your skin. It will scrub debris off your skin, clear off dead cells and minimize your pores. Your skin will feel radiant after one use — honest. Imagine the results after multiple uses!

Mud mask

This Mineral Mudd Masque from Pur Minerals ($25 at mimics the mask at the spas. It will unclog your pores and detoxify your skin, among other things by using a unique form of calcium bentointe clay called Pascalite. People have been using this mineral mud ingredient for 30 million years that promises to brighten and smooth its user.

Korres acne treatment

Acne treatment

Facials aren’t only preventative. Sometimes they’re problem solvers. Many spas offer facials with acne fighters to get rid of those unsightly zits, whiteheads and blemishes. If your daily skin care routine isn’t doing the trick, try the Korres’ Acne Regimen Kit ($29.50 at, which comes equipped with echinacea cream gel, cinnamon and natural clay mask, thume and sage gel cleaners, and cinnamon and thyme gel. It’ll clear up your acne issues and prevent them, too, if you stick to it.


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