9 Ways to organize your closet

It’s time to stop procrastinating and finally bring some order to that war zone you call your closet. First, de-clutter you wardrobe — weed out the shoes, clothing and accessories you haven’t worn in the last six months and donate them or bring them to a consignment shop. Then, use these nine products to whip what’s left into shape so you can find whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Hanging jewelry organizers

If you rush to find the outfit-completing bracelet or necklace every morning, consider a new jewelry organization system. A hanging organizer will keep you from digging through a cluttered box in the last fleeting morning moments. Choose a product that has a soft vinyl lining to protect your accessories from getting scratched.

Purse rack

An over-the-door hanging rack is a good way to keep track of your handbag inventory and clear some space on sought-after shelves. The simple design is complete with adjustable hooks so you can organize your purses however you like — by color, brand or season.

Vinyl storage bags

If you have items in your closet that you don’t use on a daily basis, store them together in a vinyl bag. Fold towels, sweaters and extra linens neatly into multiple bags and then stack them on top of one another, freeing space for the items you use more often.

Revolving shoe stand

This takes up less space than your typical shoe rack, and the spinning motion makes sorting through your heels, sneakers and flip flops easier when you’re rushing to get out the door.

Decorative crates

Get creative with your organization project by picking boxes in bright hues, fun patterns or chic designs. For a stylish and eco-friendly approach, try stackable crates made from bamboo.

Cascading hangers

If you just can’t part with seldom-worn clothes but still need extra space, buy a set of cascading hangers. They’re perfect for hanging multiple shirts, sweaters, blouses or slacks in a tight spot and are made with a non-slip grip so you won’t have to dust your clothes off of the floor.

Island organizer

A storage island is a good option for more spacious closets. It’s similar to the kitchen island but a little smaller and with more nooks and crannies for storing your belongings. It also can serve as a fabulous decorative piece!

Stacking shelves

They’re relatively cheap and add extra storage space. Stack several pieces for an easy-to-reach shoe rack, or put a single row on an existing shelf to double up available areas.

Drawer organizers

Perfect for keeping lingerie, undergarments and hosiery in order, drawer organizers can be stacked on top of each other on a closet shelf to save space. Each organizer is conveniently broken down into smaller sections so you can organize smaller garments easily.


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