How to save on hair products

Times are tough, and a girl can’t always spend the money she wants on beauty upkeep. No worries, though. We’ve got a few tips in mind that will help you save a bit of dough when it comes to hair products. No, we’re not completely stingy — we just believe in saving money where we can so we can spend it on other fun items like a girlfriend’s getaway or a pair of must-have heels!

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Buy in bulk

If you go through shampoo bottles like a thirsty dog goes through water, then consider buying in bulk. Shampoo and conditioner are two items that are cheaper when bought in larger sizes, and you’ll have more for longer. If you have more than one shower in your household, divvy up the big bottle into smaller ones instead of buying separate large bottles for each bathroom.

Another tip: Add a bit of water to the bottle when you’re down to the last bit of shampoo. You’ll be surprised how much sticks to the side, and you’ll get at least another couple of washings from it.

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Save on the cut

Hair grooming can get pretty expensive, especially if you’re on a four-week cycle. Instead of going in once a month, ask your stylist to give you a cut that grows out more evenly (chances are, she’ll be glad to do this — after all, she doesn’t want to lose your business). The money you save by spacing out visits even by a week or so will add up at the end of the year.

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Also consider visiting one of your neighborhood cosmetology schools. Students there are required to perform a certain amount of practice hours on real-life clients, and the service is offered at majorly reduced prices (often, completely free). Don’t worry: The students wouldn’t be allowed to cut hair if they weren’t qualified.

Discount brands

Beauty routines are give and take. You can definitely go bargain-bin on some things instead of always choosing the name brand. If you’ve got normal hair (that is, healthy and non-fried), try switching to a more affordable label instead of your designer-brand shampoo and conditioner — not necessarily the $3 generic brand but a mid-range line that runs about $7 per bottle, which can be just as beneficial for your locks as the stuff that costs three times is just as impactful on your locks. 

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Same goes for hair accessories like headbands and clips: There are plenty über chic (and über expensive) pieces on the market, but you can find just as many worthy accessories at your drugstore or discount department store. Invest in one or two high-end pieces, and supplement your collection with a handful of cheaper options.

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