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5 Must-have cleaning items

For most people, cleaning the house isn’t a favorite pastime. In fact, most would say it’s about as fun as watching grass grow (perhaps even less so). Unfortunately, though, cleaning is one of those things that just can’t be avoided. To help make your life easier, pick up the following items during your next visit to the store.

Happy Woman with Rubber Gloves

A robot vacuum cleaner

Sure, you’ll have to drop a pretty penny on this robotic sucker, but it’s worth every last cent. This smart little gadget just requires a slight push of a button and it’s on its way — sucking up every last bit of dirt and pet hair. It can clean four rooms in a single cycle, and you even can program it to clean when it’s most convenient for you! You can restrict off-limit areas, and it will go from carpet to wood surfaces with no trouble thanks to a self-adjusting cleaning head.

Dish wipes

Pretreated disposable cloths make dish cleaning easier and way more convenient. Just open a wipe, scrub dirty dishes, rinse and toss away. You’ll appreciate not having to wash loads of dirty dishcloths — and the soap-infused wipes clean and cut grease like nobody’s business.

Toilet wands

If cleaning is the bane of any human’s existence, then scrubbing a toilet is like the sixth circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno. Luckily, this gross task doesn’t need to be too hands on if you add a specialized toilet wand to your cleaning inventory. The mighty sanitizing power of this tiny tool will have you thinking you’re a character straight out of the Harry Potter series, banishing germs and stains with an easy flick of your wand. Most come with a starter kit that includes a handful of disposable heads pre-filled with the blue solution. For extra-easy cleanup, opt for a brand that offers flushable heads.

Rubber gloves

Many household cleaners are packed with potent chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. Protect it — and your manicure — with a pair of rubber gloves. You might feel like some whacked-out scientist, but you’ll be happy you took the extra precaution. There’s no use in torturing your hands, too!

The steam dryer

It’s the most expensive of our recommended products, but it’ll save you loads on your drycleaning bill. A steam dryer is perfect for those times when you’ve worn a cocktail dress only once and can’t justify taking it to the cleaners. If the garment is spot free but has a nightclub funk from the night before, just place it in the steam dryer for a mere 20 minutes, and it will come out fresh and odor free. It also helps loosen up wrinkles in hard-to-iron material such as linen.

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