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Simple shopping tips for moms-to-be

Pregnancy can throw your hormones out of whack, leading to severe mood swings. Don’t take your maternity woes out during a shopping trip. Follow these simple guidelines to make shopping for your baby’s nursery enjoyable and productive.

Eat ahead of time

Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. This lesson applies to husbands, as well. A mom-to-be who does not have a sufficient tummy full of food can experience dips in blood sugar and energy levels, this can make any shopping trip a nightmare. Make sure to eat a good meal or have or bring a large snack before you head out. Choosing a crib can take hours and having that extra gulp of water and handful of almonds accessible will really make your shopping trip easier, worry-free and just all around more enjoyable.

Shop during off-times

This is not always doable for working moms, but should be tried if at all possible. Visit the really busy stores during off-times. Babies “R” Us can be scary on a Saturday afternoon. Big crowds and lots of families with tons of noises can really distract a shopping expedition. Smart times to try and hit these types of stores are on a Sunday or Monday evening, or during the late morning or early afternoon hours. There might even be more employees to help you with your needs if the crowds are not too large.

Make a list

Your mind does funny things when you are pregnant. Focus levels drop to an all time low and getting chores and work done becomes harder and harder the further along in a pregnancy. Make a list of items you need at the store. In addition, prepare a list of questions you need to ask store employees such as warranty information on a crib or how long the baby-changing pad will last. Keeping organized during a shopping trip will save time and save your sanity.

Don’t try to overdo it

Don’t try and shop for the entire nursery in one day. The last thing you or your baby needs is a sick mom! Space out shopping trips and ask for help. Items such as a crib or dresser can be very heavy. Even baby swings and boxes of diapers might be too much for you to lift. Take a friend, your spouse or family member with you while shopping to help make your life a bit easier. They can lift heavy items and having four hands is much better than two. If a store offers free delivery, take them up on it. Numerous trips to and from your house unloading items add up. Sometimes delivery for large items such as a rocker or crib is a bit more money, but well worth it.


Remember, relax and be prepared to go shopping.

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