Tips for lingerie shopping

Every woman loves to feel sexy and attractive in a stunning piece of lingerie. From a gorgeous black negligee to a cute pair of Victoria Secret boxers and cami, there’s something out there for everyone. Here are 5 helpful tips for finding the perfect lingerie.

Get the perfect fit

Whether you choose to go to Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s Women’s Clothing, the local lingerie store or an online shop, make sure you get the right fit. Lingerie can come in any size from small through extra large, or they might be sized according to bra size (for example, 34A, 40D, 38B etc.). Don’t get frustrated if one store does not have your size or their merchandise doesn’t fit you well; so many more offer so much more. Just as you would with a bra, take the time to get fitted correctly. There’s no point in buying something that you are never going to wear.

Buy for you and someone special

Chances are you’re buying the lingerie with someone special in mind — but don’t forget that this piece of clothing is for you, as well. If you don’t feel good in your selection, then you aren’t going to feel good wearing it for someone else. The lingerie you choose should make you feel sexy and special. You’ve heard that you should be comfortable in your own skin — this holds true to lingerie, as well!

Color, style and material

Maybe something silky and black means sexy to you — or maybe it’s a cute pair of pink boy shorts and a tank top. Every woman has different proportions and likes. If you are fair skinned, a yellow garment might not work best for you. Black looks good on almost everyone, and red simply makes the wearer feel special. Lace might make you itch, or cotton might be too warm on a hot summer night. Find the material that works best for you.

Be in the mood

How many times have you run into a store looking for a cute top, only to fall out of your shopping mood because nothing works for you? Lingerie is one item that requires the right mood. Make sure to go easy on yourself: Department store mirrors and fluorescent lighting don’t always flatter your body.

Be comfortable

If you (like many women) just do not feel comfortable shopping for this type of item in public, get online and order something that interests you in a bunch of sizes and styles, and try them on in the luxury of your own home. Check return policies on everything you purchase online or in a store beforehand so that you can return whatever you decide against.


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