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Shopping tips for a baby nursery

If you’re like most parents, you want to create the perfect little nest for your baby — but beware of going overboard. With thousands of products from which to choose, shopping can be overwhelming. Stick to these rules, and you’ll be able to provide a wonderful environment for your baby.

Baby Room

Keep it simple, Sam (“KISS”)

You’ve probably heard this motto — and it applies just as well to the baby nursery as anything else. No matter the size of the room, don’t feel that you need to fill every inch of it with stuff for the wee one. Leave plenty of space to move about. No one benefits if Mom or Dad has a broken foot from tripping over odds and ends in the nursery.

Resist buying everything in sight, and focus on the items that will truly enhance your and your baby’s experience in the room.

Baby nursery

Inspiration and theme

Maybe you picked your nursery colors out before you even got pregnant. Or maybe you still don’t know where to begin. Regardless, if you find out your baby’s sex before the big day, you can take advantage of fantastic sites that offer informational tips for designing a nursery.

See some cool nursery ideas here

Everything from ocean themes to garden decor to neutral-gender rooms are available for view on the web. Settling on a theme will help you streamline your shopping and prevent you from buying unnecessary accessories that won’t match or that will overstock the nursery.

Check these sites to get even more inspiration for your nursery:, and

Baby Nursery

Bargain-shop and borrow

Many retail outlets sell the same exact items at completely different prices. Do your research, visit websites and make phone calls to see who is selling the items and for what price. Just a few minutes can save you big bucks!

Also, don’t be shy: Ask your friends if you can borrow a swing, bouncer or other item to see if your baby likes it before purchasing the item yourself. The cost of baby accessories can really add up, and testing some out before spending the big dough can save you trouble and expense.

Friends & baby showers

If you have a shower before your baby is born, register for items that you’re actually going to need. Your friends will appreciate getting you something for the nursery instead of that 15th baby blanket you could do without. (Note your registry website or the store phone number discreetly on the shower invitation so people don’t need to guess what’s on your list.)

Get our baby shower guide and registry checklist

If friends ask if you need anything after the baby arrives, go ahead and tell them what you are missing. That way, you won’t be receiving items you won’t use, and you won’t need to lay out as much for items you need.

No matter what color you want to make the nursery, save everyone a little green and be up front with your situation so your nursery is perfect — but not pricey.


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