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Where to shop for kids clothing

Outfitting your boy or girl can be a chore. Some kids like to pick out their own outfits, some girls like to only wear pink, some boys only want to wear trucks. All you need is an assortment of good, decent-quality clothes that makes both you and your kids happy.

Children's Clothing

The staples

Big outlets such as Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Gap Kids, Costco and Sam’s Club all have a huge selection of children’s clothes. From sweatpants to bathing suits to pajamas, these
retailers have it covered. To get even heavier discounts at places like Old Navy or Gap Kids, visit their websites for Internet-only exclusives. Target and Walmart have clearance sections in their
stores. Try shopping at the end of summer for deals on bathing suits for next summer; likewise, shop for fleeces and winter jackets in spring for the best prices.

Specialty stores

Children’s boutiques are popping up all over the place. They offer select lines unavailable at most large retailers. Their outfits are as precious as they are pricey. These are perfect spots
to pick up clothing for special occasions but not an entire wardrobe. Some places can even special-order outfits and arrange for embroidering on clothing. You also can shop these stores for ideas
and visit a fabric store to create your own designer duds based on looks you spotted.

Pumpkin Patch

Kid’s clothing stores

Stores devoted solely to the little ones really get it right. You can buy your child’s entire wardrobe at these stores. Items might run a bit pricier than a Target or a Walmart, but not
necessarily. Employees at these stores are often more helpful and knowledgeable about sizing and durability of garments. You can grab great deals year round at the following retailers; Pumpkin Patch, Gymboree, The
Children’s Place and Janie and Jack.


You can add interesting items to a child’s wardrobe with recycled and reused clothing. Check out your local secondhand shops and consignment stores for unbelievably priced kids’ clothing.
Sometimes a child needs an outfit for just one event, such as Halloween or a painting party. Used clothing is an option for these types of events — they won’t break the bank, and they can be
recycled again afterwards. Truth be told, no mom survives without a couple great hand-me-downs from friends. Keep the chain going and offer your friends some of your kids’ clothes once they
are done with them. Wasting space in your home trying to store unused clothes does no good, but those same clothes can be a boon for the family of a child who fits them.

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