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Keep track of your fertility with your iPhone

To baby or not to baby, that may be the question — and, you probably already know your answer. Now, the latest technology offers a solution to help fulfill your wishes, whichever way they may go!

It seems more and more, phones can do most anything!  Now, an iPhone can keep track of your fertility.  Whether you’re ready for baby or just want a hormone-free contraceptive method, your iPhone will have all the necessary information charted and right at your fingertips.  It’s easy, convenient, and best of all… inexpensive! 

THe iPhone fertility apps

There are several iPhone apps that can help you keep track of your fertility/menstrual cycles. For instance, MeFertil is one iPhone application that tracks a woman’s fertility cycle with an easy-to-read color-coded body basil temperature (BBT) graph.  The BBT and other pertinent information needs only be input each morning, then MeFertil does the rest (and also works on an iPod Touch).

Other fertility apps include:

What is BBT?

No.  BBT doesn’t stand for “Best Baby Time.”  Basal body temperature (BBT) is our lowest temperature during rest, which is usually during the time we’re sleeping.  This is why, for accurate fertility charting, BBT should be taken before getting out of bed.  Ovulation causes a one half to one-degree rise in BBT, so monitoring BBT helps provide information on the best time for conception.

Should a special thermometer be used for BBT charting?

Yes. If your goal is accuracy, you want to use a digital BBT thermometer rather than a fever thermometer, since a BBT thermometer is ultra-sensitive. The average price for a digital BBT thermometer is $10 to $15 and is worth the price.

What are the advantages?

Up until now, BBT charting was only done on paper.  What a pain having to always remember to bring along your BBT chart wherever you go.  On the other hand, phones and iPads are always with us.  Having BBT charting on an iPhone/iPad/iPod is portable, easy, convenient and discreet.  Many of these iPhone apps can also provide accurate, detailed information for sharing with your doctor during ob/gyn visits. 

Is this all I need to get pregnant (or not)?

Keep in mind, however, that there’s more to getting pregnant than charting your BBT.  Timing is everything, but also includes your partner’s peak fertility time, as well. (link)  Remember, too, that no matter how technologically advanced we may be, a little candlelight and romance certainly can’t hurt.

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