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Summer beauty woes and how to solve them

Summer is a time for fun in the sun — beach parties, barbecues and poolside gatherings. But it can also be a time for beauty dilemmas. Find out how to solve these common summer beauty problems.

Summer beauty

Melting makeup

In the summer heat and humidity, you may often feel like your makeup is sliding off your face. Instead of skipping makeup altogether, remedy the problem with sweatproof makeup and these expert tips:

  • At the beach or pool, keep your makeup to a minimum. A touch of waterproof mascara and tinted lip balm (with SPF!) may be all you need. For other outdoor events, you can apply a bit more makeup but make sure to keep it light. Go for sheer, light tinted moisturizers (see next tip) or mineral powder.
  • Use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Tinted moisturizer provides some coverage, but it’s a lot lighter than traditional liquid foundation and it doesn’t get cakey like powder. Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer is a great choice. High in antioxidants from the watermelon extract, it protects with an SPF of 30. It’s a water-resistant formula that will survive sweat and heat for maximum summer-fun support.
  • Apply primer to your eyelids before putting on your eye shadow. Primer will help your makeup stay put. Use powder shadow rather than cream, which tends to crease and fade in the heat. Curl your eyelashes, then apply one coat of brown waterproof mascara for a smudgeproof natural look.
  • Skip the lipstick and use a tinted lip balm instead. The color is more natural and perfect for a fresh summertime look. Finish off with a touch of bronzer applied to your cheeks, forehead and chin. Wear a hat, if possible, to shade your face from the direct sunlight.

Orange glow

So you heeded everyone’s advice and used sunless tanner instead of baking in the sun. Good for you! But you got a little too enthusiastic with it and have a dark, orange glow. Don’t worry: It’s not that difficult to tone down too much tanner. Follow these steps to get back your natural glow.

  • Fill your bath with warm water and 3 cups baking soda. Relax in the tub for 30 minutes to allow the baking soda to work on your skin. Using a loofah, scrub the areas where the tanner is especially dark. When you get to more sensitive areas, such as your bikini line and face, use a softer washcloth.
  • If baking soda hasn’t lightened up the color enough, use your favorite body scrub all over. An exfoliating facial scrub can slough off the top layers of your skin, lightening up the orange on your face. 
  • If you have blotches of dark color on your face, use a green concealer stick on the orange areas, then cover up with a tinted moisturizer.

Peeling sunburn

Your skin needs time to heal after sun damage, so don’t rush it by tugging and picking at the peeling skin. The skin will slough away when the skin underneath is ready to be exposed. Instead follow these tips to help your sunburn heal as gracefully as possible.

  • When you first get a sunburn, you have to allow your skin to cool down. Noxzema can help soothe the burn and moisturize fried skin. After a day or two, you may notice dead, peeling skin. Don’t be tempted to peel it! Instead, exfoliate very gently with a warm, soft cloth. If you scrub too hard, you are going to cause more inflammation and redness.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to help speed the healing of sunburned skin. If you must wear makeup, don’t use powder; it will look cakey and flakey. Instead, exfoliate gently, apply moisturizer, then use a light liquid foundation.

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