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Top 10 dog-friendly cities


Thinking of heading out of town for a little R&R but don’t want to leave your pup behind? Save the money and guilt of boarding your dog in a kennel or paying someone to care for it, and plan a vacation that both you and your dog can enjoy.

Dog in NYC has released its annual list of dog-friendly U.S. cities to visit — and San Francisco tops the list for better-than-average amenities such as dog-friendly beaches, recreational areas and hotels, as well as restaurants that allow Fido to hang out on the patio with you while you eat. Choose one of these cities to visit, and you’ll have a great time without having to Photoshop your dog into your pics this year!

#10 Ann Arbor, MIchigan

Here in the Great Lakes state, the two of you can enjoy dog-friendly canoeing, gardens and farms, plus the Nichols Arboretum, a 123-acre botanical collection at the University of Michigan.

#9 New York, new york

Walk ’til you can’t walk any more to classic New York hotspots such as Central Park, lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. And when you can’t take another step, crash in one of the many dog-friendly luxury hotels.

#8 San Diego, california

Take your dog shopping with you at the Otay Ranch Town Center. Afterward, hang out at the dog park, go hiking or take your dog to the beaches.

#7 Chicago, ILlinois

Take your dog for a canine cruise, or just hang out and be amused at Navy Pier. And you’ll have plenty of culinary choices with Chicago’s dog-welcoming patio restaurants.

#6 Charleston, South carolina

Join your pooch on one of the many tours in this historic city, such as those at Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantations. Or go on a ghost tour (don’t forget the Scooby snacks!), and wind down after a night of fright with a day of fun at the beach.

#5 Portland, ORegon

Any vacation should start with a relaxing drink, and the Lucky Labrador has three locations to serve it up. Then, visit the well known Rose Gardens and the Saturday Outdoor Market.

#4 Northern Virginia

Like Chicago, Northern Virginia has canine cruises — plus a great choice of dog-friendly restaurants (particularly in Alexandria). Then, ramble over to nearby Washington, DC for some historical sightseeing.

#3 Boston, MAssachusetts

Take your leashed dog right onto the subway with you and hop from place to place in this historic city by the bay. Visit the Freedom Trail, and see where one of America’s most famous protests took place at Boston Harbor.

#2 Austin, Texas

Spend the afternoon at one of Austin’s off-leash parks and take your dog on a chill walk along the water to see the Congress Street bats take flight at sunset. Then, hit one of the neighborhood’s dog-friendly outdoor cafes.

#1 San Francisco, CAlifornia

Take your dog on the cable cars with you to visit the waterside’s pet-friendly patio restaurants. Lots of beaches and parks await for you and your doggy to have fun. Of course, don’t miss the Golden Gate Bridge, where you and your dog can share the lovely view of the colorful, hilly city.

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