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6 summer safety tips to keep your dog happy and healthy all season long


4. Never, ever leave a dog in a hot car

I can’t remember if Stephen King’s old classic, Christine, was about a demon car or a killer car, but it doesn’t matter. Point is, don’t leave Rover in the car during the hot summer months (or at any time for that matter). Not even if you’re going into the store for only a few minutes. The heat in a car can quickly rise to lethal levels. Either take him with you, or leave him at home for your visit to the store.

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5. Keep an eye out for antifreeze

Antifreeze is something to watch out for all year ’round, as all cats and dogs find it delicious, but even in small amounts it is poisonous. In the summer, cars tend to overheat and leak antifreeze, so be on the watch when walking your dog.

6. Always practice water safety

If your dog is on a boat, then he’d better know how to swim. And even if your pooch can, a doggy life vest is a must. After all, rip currents are a killer, even for those with the best swimming abilities. You never know when accidents will happen while sailing on the high seas.

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A few more pointers

You should definitely make sure the doggy’s ID and registration is up to date. Your pup might get over-excited and take off, but at least you’ll be able to track him down. And in the really hot days of summer, take him for a walk when it’s cooler early evening or early morning is best. Last of all, make sure you’re up to date with flea and tick meds this is the season where they come out in droves.

By following these quick tips, summer fun for you and your pooch should be more than easy going now, it should be plain ol’ easy.

Originally published June 2009. Updated June 2016.

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