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5 Hairstyles to help beat the heat

Summer brings so many exciting possibilities, but the intense heat that comes with it is not always a welcome reality. So how to beat the heat? There are lots of ways however one big one is to get your hair out of your face and/or off your neck to give your skin more breathing room. Here are five hairstyles that will help you stay cool this summer.

Three braid half-up

For a fun and stylish way to get your hair out of your face, try this three braid half up style. You will need six bobby pins for this style. Start with all of your hair down and take a small section of the front center of your hair. Braid that section of your hair a few loose stitches and then pin it back with bobby pins. To fasten hair securely, use the two pins to make an x shape holding in and down the braided strands. Now do the same process with a small section of hair from the front right and from the front left. Finish the look off with some hair spray to keep those strands in place and keep frizz in check. For a variation on this style, you can twist your hair instead of braiding it.

Three braid updo


Get that hair off your neck with this adaptation on the previous style. To start, get your hair in the three braid (or twist) half-up. For a younger and more casual updo, then simply tie your hair up in a loose high ponytail. Or for a more formal approach, put your hair up in a messy bun and secure it with more bobby pins.

Crazy braid updo

Last summer the style and beauty blogosphere went gaga when Glamour Magazine posted this photo of one of their intern’s fabulous hairdo. Their talented fashion intern Ellen created this fun and fresh look by braiding her hair in many sections and then pinning them up arbitrarily. She said that she doesn’t look in the mirror at all when she does this, which might seem crazy at first but actually makes a lot of sense. If you’re constantly checking out your progress in the mirror, you’ll get too wrapped up in what should go where to be able to achieve the casual, haphazard aura. Ellen finished off her look with a few flower hair clips, but you can use whatever strikes your fancy or keep it simple with nothing at all.

Pollyanna twist

If you have long side bangs or short layers in front and want to get them out of your face, try this simple style. With your hair parted down the center, start on one side by taking those few short strands and a couple longer ones also from the front. Then twist all of these strands together into one long roll. Do the same thing on the other side and bring both to tie at the back of your head. Bring them back low so that the rolls pass over the midlevel of your ears and then secure them back with a hair tie. The result is an easy, breezy look that is similar to one often rocked by Lauren Conrad.

French braid pigtails

For the classic picnic look, you can’t go wrong with french braided pigtails.  Start by parting your hair all the way back down the center. Secure one half with a hair tie while you french braid the other. Then do the same to the other side. It’s a classic girly style that is perfect for the gym or the beach.

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