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5 Huarache sandals under $100

Summer’s hottest footwear trend is huarache — a distinctive style with intricately woven leather straps. Here are five huarache sandals under $100 so you can make this look your own while staying in your budget.

Have you ever heard someone say that fashion is a cycle? Well in this case it really is —  and a really, really big cycle at that: this Mexican and Spanish style of intricately woven leather straps is many centuries old. But now it is back with a vengeance so make the most of your own modern style this summer and take a trip back in time with a stylish huarache sandal.

Back to basics

For a classic huarache style that is also amazingly affordable, Charlotte Russe has just the ticket for you. Their Huarache Flats are the bargain of all bargains; the shoes sell for only $18.99 at The simple slip-on style comes in matte black or brown — and at that price why not get the shoe in both colors?

Rainbow bright

Looking to punch up your kicks? Steve Madden’s Addisonn huarache sandals utilize leather straps in bright colors spanning the entire rainbow: tan, white, teal, red, orange, yellow, navy and pink. It’s a funky and fresh look that will instantly spice up any ensemble with an electric shot of color. The slip-on style also makes it an effortless addition to any wardrobe. However if the color shock is a bit too much for your taste, the style also comes in solid silver, bronze and white. The sandal is selling for $69.95 at

X marks the spot

For a slightly more muted yet still colorful huarache option, try the Sunset Huarache by Dolce Vita ($98 from This flat shoe features straps in subtle shades of brown, red, beige, yellow and gray to create an intricate sandal that has a lot of personality without screaming it. In addition to its colorful appearance, this shoe plays on the huarache style by mixing both suede and leather materials to create an incredibly unique look.

New heights

Though huarache sandals are traditionally a flat style, there’s no reason the trend can’t translate to a high-heeled counterpart. Take it up a notch with this Luna Sandal by INC International Concepts, which features a sultry 4.5-inch leather-covered heel. This sassy shoe is selling for $89 at

Corked up

This shoe combines two fabulous summer trends in one: the woven huarache style with a cork wedge heel. The shoe is Enzo Angiolini’s “Muffin” Sandal and it costs $99.95 at Best of all it comes in a plethora of colors: black, dark brown, green, blue (pictured), orange and white.

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