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10 Most romantic destinations

Love conquers all, even a bad economy. While you’re scrimping and saving to afford a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon or special vacation, use the downtime to scope out 10 of the planet’s most romantic destinations — so when you’re good to go, you’ll know where to go to make memories that last a lifetime!


1. New York City

Central Park, a beautiful 843-acre refuge nestled in the center of  New York City, invites lovers to stroll hand in hand along meandering
paths. Skyscrapers rim the park, reflecting their grandeur in the lakes below. Nearby department store windows tease shoppers with their creative displays, while Tiffany’s sparkle entices
lovers inside.  Rockefeller Center is always a treat with its rotating seasonal displays and historic Radio City Music Hall
only steps away. Sweethearts kiss on the observation deck of the Empire State Building as the entire city stretches out below. The cobblestone streets of Greenwich Village paint a picture
of the past, while the razzle-dazzle of Broadway at night infuses energy into the soul. Finally, the evenings are complete with the clinking of wine glasses at the many quaint, romantic

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