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Meet Harley-Davidson rider Dianne

My name is Dianne. I ride a 2007 Harley-Davidson Street Bob(FXDB). I am 45 years old this year and waiting to be a Grandma for the first time on or about July 5th! I started riding my own bike about 10 years ago. Time sure does fly by!!

Meet Dianne

In my everday life I am a very private person. Participating in this project is very new for me. I am not a question and answer, information giving type of individual. I agreed to participate as a favor to a friend who happens to be the marketing/event coordinator at the Harley-Davidson dealership where I work. I really never expected to be chosen for the project but here I am!! I think they liked my story… my love for riding my Harley and for my one true soulmate, my wonderful husband!

I was born and raised on the East Coast in New Jersey, spending time at the Jersey shore, the Pocono mountains, where I rode dirt bikes with the boys, skiing the mountains on the East Coast and vacationing on Cape Cod. I recall fun days of blue crabbing with my Dad off the piers and sometimes we’d even row the boat out to the bay! I always rowed!!! The catch was always better and bigger at the piers. Learning to fly fish in the bay on Cape Cod was also a fun time. My poor husband has the patience of a saint! I had difficulty with the whole fly fishing thing but I get an A for effort and now years later I’m pretty good at it. He is so proud!
We have two daughters, Jessica and Kimberly. Oh no… I should say “three”… can’t forget Chloe, she is our 4-year-old Miniature Pinscher but shhh! She doesn’t know she is a dog!!! She rides with us. Open the garage door and start a bike and she is ready to roll!
The girls are great kids and have given us much joy in our life together and continue to do so. They are both in their mid-twenties and doing well for themselves. Kim comes to visit in Arizona and we always have a blast! Jess has not been to Arizona since we moved 5 years ago as she has a serious flying phobia!! She gets that from her Dad!! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first son and our first grandchild! This is going to be so exciting!!! 

Why I ride

I don’t just ride… I ride a Harley! This is something I’d always wanted to do but never made my top priority. I took care of my family first. And when the time came, I was able to fulfill my dream: In 2001, I got my first Harley at age 36!

Why I learned

As a kid, I rode dirt bikes with the boys back east, and it was a blast. I was a tomboy with a dream, so to speak!
As for learning to ride my own bike, kudos to my significant other, who is now my husband. I think if the shoe were on the other foot as a teacher, I would have given up! It was his patience and desire to help me fulfill my dream. Then we both decided that, after I got out on the road with my permit, it was time to take the MSF safety course. Those instructors are great. Everything they teach comes into play in our riding world of living on the edge!

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